Welcome to the LED Solution Center

The LED, (Light Emitting Diode), is not considered a new technology, but given the newest advances in achieving LED colors - colors that were not available until now, have given new life to the lighting industry. More energy-efficient than fluorescent, better color rendition than halogen along with a large variety of fixtures gives the consumer more choices than ever before.

Our newly-built, state-of-the art LED Solution Center can help you make the right decisions when choosing this exciting new light source. Here you can see the differences between standard light sources and how LED will make a difference when you're ready to make that change.

In the Mid-West LED Solution Center, we display a variety of fixtures, and show their abilities in a controlled environment. You'll be able to see the following lighting types:

LED Solution Center Webcam
  • 1 MW LED Solution Center
    Come see the Mid-West Lighting LED Solution Center

  • 2 Technology Leader
    A unique lighting display room filled with state-of-the-art LED lighting products.
  • 3 New and Existing
    See LED products for both new installations and existing retrofit appliations
  • 4
    Contrast and compare various sources for different tasks...
  • 5
    ... and see color come alive!
  • 6
    Mid-West Lighting has your LED Solution! Call for an appointment (800) 310-LAMP.

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